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Our new Product Secret Project..... Which we launched online during our Live @ 5 this week!

It's time to fill you in on our secret project that we started earlier this year..... Here's the Why, the how & the what all about;

Bossy Glossy's new Beauty Creams, Serums, Cleansers & Face Masks


We wanted to add more products to our range so that people could get everything they need to look amazing from Bossy Glossy. We already knew thanks to our amazing customers that our handmade products were starting to become popular.

We have had amazing product feedback & requests from our customers & also from our small sales team. We had to start looking at how we could make our collection more complete to start becoming a one stop beauty paradise for our customers.

Here's how we've been getting on;

How we did the process

We started with a brainstorming session to come up with some ideas;

Summer 'We need some creams that are soft & smell nice'

Katie 'I think a cream for Night-time would be nice

& drawings that led to the below design;

Idea on Paper

This was the basis of the design for our general range that we now needed to perfect. We had to find a professional designer & Jordon at Print Bureau Team was great. We've used Print Bureau before, Vick & here team are great.

We found a partner to make our products & started brainstorming on all the different types of products & how they should look with our designs.

Once he had outlined a range & how it would look, we started the work on the ingredients & formulations with our partner to ensure all our products were made uniquely in our vision & with our ingredients.

So, were were almost there.


- Brainstormed what we wanted

- Drafted some designs

- Finalised the designs

- Finalised the products, ingredients & packaging 

What do we have?

Adding to our fully certified UK Handmade range will be a 2 part collection of creams, facial serum & cleanser.

The collections will be;

- Bossy Glossy Essentials

Day Cream, Night Cream, Cleanser & Face Mask

- Bossy Glossy CBD

Day Cream, Night Cream, Serum & CBD Lip Balm

The products are now available to pre-order online & will be ready for delivery later in November!

We hope you try out our new products & let us know what you think.

Team BG x


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