Our Story

Bossy Glossy was born when three little sisters decided to share their love of cosmetics and natural healthy ingredients by making handmade, all-natural lip balms with the help of their mum Georgina and dad James.

In the beginning, Summer (11), Katie(7) and Fleur(7) sold these gorgeous pure-scented products to friends and family, but soon they were getting requests for further afield for their organic, nutrient-filled products.

With the help of their techy cousin Harry(10), these three young entrepreneurs have set up their own website to allow you to order the best and most natural products, beautifully packaged and delivered straight to your door.

Why Bossy Glossy? 

All of our products are inspired by Natural, Organic ingredients. We inspire to make all of our products Empowering to all of our customers.

Our first products, Lip Balms, were created by by combining nourishing beeswax, nutritious coconut oil, luxurious cocoa butter and healing calendula with antioxidant vitamin E, Bossy Glossy lip balms nurture your lips for a hydrated, healthy smile.

We give the same love & care to all of our products :) x

The Bossy Glossy Team

With an expanding product line inspired by our 3 founders, we have started to build a Team of hardworking adults to help our Journey. Don't worry, the girls are still in charge!

James (Dad) - General Manager

Georgina (Mum) - Operations & Social

Laura (BFF) - Sales & Marketing

The Bossy Glossy Team


Not forgetting all our friends, family &  our ever growing field Sales Team bringing Bossy Glossy straight to you!