Beauty Product Testing & Certification Process, by Georgina

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Hey Bossy Glossy Fans!

This is my first blog post (how exciting!) & I wanted to give some insight into the why & how we certified all of our handmade products.


At first, our Lip Balms were made as a fun project for the girls to have their own company. We quickly realised if we wanted to sell these to beyond friends & family, then we would need to have our products tested & certified.

By this point we had also developed our handmade Body Bars, Sleep Balm, Lip Gloss & Hair Mask, which we also needed to certify as safe for cosmetic use. I did a bit of research, and found a great (and very helpful) company who walked me through the process of certifying all of our Bossy Glossy products.

Finding the right mix

Before we take a product to certification stage we have to be happy with the formula. This involves some trial & error, testing periods & regular making of products to ensure a regular consistency & end product. This is my favourite stage.

My hair and skin had never felt so nourished after trialling all the variations of our first natural product recipes, luckily a personal pamper is just what I needed  during this stage due to home schooling all 4 of my children because of Covid19 restrictions.

Myself and the Bossy Glossy trial team (family and friends) will then all agree on our favourite recipes, and it's at this point I start the process of certification.

End result

Once we receive our CPSR documentation for a product we do a little happy dance. Once received it means we can upload our new product details onto to the CPNP portal and then its ready to be sold all over the world! Our range is not only full of pure natural goodness, but the love and passion from every member of the Bossy Glossy team. 

You can view our product CPSR reports HERE :)

What's next

Over the last 6 months we have been developing something very exciting .. Bossy Glossy CBD and Signature Face Creams! I have been using face creams from around the age 12yrs (so over 20 years!) and have tried every brand you can think of from high street to premium. I have dry, but break-out prone skin and have always struggled to find the correctly balanced face cream to fulfil my skin requirement needs. I know what ingredients work for different skin concerns, so had so much fun putting recipes together and trialling different end resulting creams.

Watch this space for our Pre-Christmas Face Cream release as with all the natural skin anti aging benefits they contain, they are going to sell out fast!

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