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Hi everyone,

I’m Laura, thank you for taking the time to read my first blog and supporting all things Bossy Glossy!

I have been best friends with James for over 15 years, I was over the moon to get chatting with Georgina and James about Bossy Glossy and honestly love everything about being a part of it!

I look after the sales and network marketing side of the business - which I will go in to more in my next blog but it’s also featured in our last LIVE @ FIVE, so feel free to check it out on Facebook page ❤

I wanted to tell you about how our pineapple lip balm was introduced and the reasons why we went the extra mile to get it in our collection.

Most of you will know that last month was baby loss awareness week and it’s recognised by lighting a candle to send love to all of those people and families that have gone through horrendous loss. This includes people who have lost a baby during pregnancy, still birth and those who give birth but their babies don’t stay with us.

I send my love to EVERY single one of you ❤💙

I know lots of people that have been in this terrible situation and unfortunately some of my closest people in the world experienced this just recently - made even harder by our current situation. This person told me about how pineapple is a symbol of baby loss and because of that Georgina and I did lots of research in to natural pineapple ingredients to ensure our product stuck to our ethos - it was hard to find but it was worth the effort!!!!

We are now in contact with charities that support this cause and hopefully we can be a part of their hampers given to mothers and families during this terrible time.

I am so proud of what we have achieved so far and I hope all of you amazing people Continue to love abs support our business!

Laura xxx

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  • I wasn’t aware of the pineapple connection to baby loss, really good of you guys to help raise awareness and offer support.

    Sue Envill on

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