Bossy's Essential Oils Skin care Collection

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Get yourself & your skin covered for an enhanced natural look & feel by using our Bossy Glossy Daily essential oils skincare range.

🍊Our miracle marine collagen retinol moisturiser contains a range of POWERFUL natural anti-aging ingredients. As we get older the skin’s ability to produce collagen is reduced causing the skin to lose its elasticity. This moisturiser delivers marine collagen directly to the skin’s dermis layer, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and leaving the skin hydrated and well nourished. The ONE moisturiser is blended with passionfruit oil and green tea extract, which are rich sources of vitamin A. This essential vitamin, also known as retinol, assists in fibroblast formation resulting in tighter, firmer, healthier skin that has a fabulous Bossy Glossy GLOW!

🍓Our Skin Cleanser is the perfect skin purifying component to your skin care routine This natural cleansing lotion has been specifically formulated to tackle blemish and spot prone skin with added natural fruit extracts to deliver essential vitamins and minerals to the skin.

🍊Our miracle ONE night cream contains a range of POWERFUL natural extracts and oils including the renowned natural anti-aging argan oil. Packed with key nutrients like evening primrose oil, pro-Vitamin B5, A and E, allowing your skin to rejuvenate whilst you sleep. Wheat germ oil contains an infusion of Vitamins A, D and B, antioxidants and fatty acids helping to promote healthy skin through intensely moisturising whilst you sleep and helping improve the signs of skin scarring. The inclusion of Vitamin E and Vitamin C helps to eliminate wrinkles and achieve healthy skin with a fabulous Bossy Glossy GLOW

🍓Our Pink Clay Facemask is the perfect skin treatment. Enriched with Hyaluronic acid, Kaolin Clay and French Pink Clay, it helps reduce wrinkles and boosts skin moisturisation. The inclusion of Vitamin C also helps to achieve healthy skin with a fabulous Bossy Glossy GLOW

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